posted on 06.08.09

"Green is the NEW BLACK" is the slogan of the Fran Coy's "GREEN TEAM". The Green team is a group of dedicated employees, led by Jill Mock and Leslie Nardoni, who are committed to reducing the material that enters the commercial waste stream.


Over the past several months, we have come up with many ways to cut down on paper usage. One of the most significant changes we made was to not print out a piece of paper for every guest that came through the door. While there was important information on the printout, we trained everyone on how to find what they needed in the computer. Using our computer system's POS program, we also trained each of the service providers to enter all the charges directly and save them until the guest is ready to check out. As you can imagine, It was no small accomplishment to train 34 different service providers on how to ring up a sale. However, we couldn't be more proud of the efforts that were made to make this happen. An recent estimate was that we have cut down paper usage by over 3,000 sheets of paper per month and over 36,000 sheets per year!

Currently, all cardboard, paper and plastic are recycled and from the reduction of these materials into our dumpster (that is now recycled) we have been able to drop down to an every 2 week collection schedule. This gave us the resources to have a recycle container on site at no additional cost over what we were paying before.

Your hair is a lifesaver In addition to cardboard, paper and plastic, one of the more interesting programs we have is our hair collection program for the use in making Oil Spill Hair Mats. Clean hair is collected after each hair cut and then mailed to a San Francisco company called Matter of Trust, Inc. that makes mats to help with oil spills. The hair mats soak up the oil from oil spills, they are collected and oil eating fungus, bacteria, worms are introduced. After a set amount of time the hair is safe to disposed but makes great compost.


Pictured on the right are Jill Mock and Leslie Nardoni, the 2 employees that mobilized our employees, implemented many of our recycling procedures, and in general, gained support within our organization. It is a great example of how 2 people were able to get a whole organization to change the way they did thiings. It shows that each of us really can make a difference. Great Job Jill & Leslie!