posted on 04.23.09

On April 23rd, Fran Coy's received an award for it's recycling efforts and was recognized as a new Waste Knot Partner. The Waste Knot Program was created as part of the ongoing efforts to increase recycling participation by business, governments, and non profit organizations within Washtenaw County. Annual awards are given to recognize new waste knot partners and organizations that have demonstrated leadership in protecting our environment by their recycling practices.

Pictured here are Jill Mock and Leslie Nardoni, the 2 employees that were instrumental in implementing many recycling procedures as well as mobilizing other employees and gaining support within our organization. Also pictured, is the booth that was used to highlight some of the recycling efforts at Fran Coys at the waste knot awards ceremony.

Jill Mock and Leslie Nardoni Recycling Efforts at Fran Coy's